Mesh Networking

It’s common today to have few or no realistic choices when it comes to internet access. A handful of large corporations are responsible for the vast majority of available services, and they dictate both terms and prices. Concerns have also been growing lately about plans by those corporations to start controlling our internet access more directly, slowing down sites and services intentionally and even blocking them entirely to prevent fair competition with their own services. We also now know that those corporations have been spying on us without restriction, monitoring and archiving our personal and private communications on mass, selling them to other corporations for profit, and even colluding with government agencies to share that information in violation of our rights, including with agencies in foreign countries along with censoring decent. A simple inexpensive solution is the meshnet. Below is a map of the active meshnets in the world that I know of to date. The red links are public meshnets and the green links are Ham Radio meshnets run by the various Ham Radio clubs around the world. Click on any link to get the local node information.

We can building a decentralized opensource alternative to the Internet of today . By interconnecting directly with each other, instead of relying entirely on an ISP to provide us with connections, we can ensure that a small handful of corporations do not have complete control over our personal and private communications. We can significantly reduce or eliminate high monthly fees, and create a better network that protects both our freedom and our privacy.

If cryptocurrency is added to this network it becomes a secure alternative to the present banking system free from regional political problems (Ask Venezuela) As the meshnet is decentralized and virtually impossible to shut down short of turning off the power grids of the world and if that was to happen we have much larger problems to deal with. If the communication and monetary systems are freed it will be much easier for us to grow and prosper.